Bermuda 1995

Two weeks on the island. Getting around with public transport: no rental cars for tourists, only mopeds!

Riddel's Bay

From the lighthouse on Gibbs Hill you have a great view over the long and narrow main island and the many small islands which make up the Bermudas. Take a close look at the white roofs which are used to collect drinking water.

Horseshoe Bay

is a magnificent beach on the south coast which certainly isn't overcrowded. Bermudians don't swim in the sea during winter, which officially ends May 24.


do live here, but only in the zoo belonging to the Bermuda Aquarium. You can find water-fowl in the wild when visiting the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, an area of 25 hectares (60 acres) in the east of the main island.


South of this oasis of trees you can start a walk along the Railway Trail. The path following the abandoned track is shady and it's better than walking on the streets which mostly have no footpath.


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